If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it. Henry Ford


Simply put – Anritsu manufacturers the most repeatable and reliable inspection equipment on the market today! Inspection and Food Safety are more important than even is this social media driven culture – one mistake and the vultures attack. With Anritsu’s X-Ray you are guaranteed to detect the smallest contaminant at the highest reliability and repeatability. With 50+ years of checkweighing expertise Anritsu can guarantee fractions of a gram accuracy at 3 sigma repeatability. Anritsu Dual Wave Metal Detection technology operates on two frequencies simultaneously. This has been the standard for 13 years. Once again staying ahead of the curve in metal detection as well.

ATS Engineering

Specializes in high speed cup filling, sealing, and overcapping machines. ATS designs and manufacturers durable rotary and straight-line systems capable of handling a variety of viscous liquids. Handling sauces, dips, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream to name a few.

FloAero Inc

Load dry bulk solid materials simply, reliably, and quickly. From bulk bags into elevated bins and process vessels, from railcars or bulk trucks into silos, from small bags into Feeder hoppers, from Blenders into Fillers, the Floveyor aeromechanical conveyor machine loads all types of granules, powders, flakes or mixtures without residual leftover. DISCOVER THE PROCESS; DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE. Compactness, versatility, and efficiency. These Floveyor attributes load bulk solid materials that define the 21st century for the manufacturing process. Let FloAero Inc raise your bulk materials utilizing the most advanced engineered solution.


Welcome to the evolution of the modern labeling machine. Every Nita is engineered to INCREASE your production rates, decrease operator headaches, eliminate all maintenance struggles and generally make everyone’s lives easier!

Nita Smart Labeling Systems feature no-charge servicing and adjustments via login over the net and phone, 100% non-proprietary software that manages off-the-shelf programmable Servo drives and motors, a color coded and scaled recipe system for lightning-fast changeovers and the rugged, fully welded stainless steel Sumo-Frame™.

The technologically advanced Nita XP Series of systems are the easiest to operate and most efficient inline labelers built in North America today. These precision engineered machines are designed to apply Front, Back, Wrap and Multi Panel labels on just about any container you can think of, from simple rounds to handled gallons to triggered F-styles to industrial pails and tubs. A full spectrum of vision and orientation mechanisms compliment this incredibly powerful lineup of labeling machines.

It’s Not Just A Labeling Machine. It’s A Nita!

Nuspark Automation

Recognized as a global leader in automation and robotics makes Nuspark an easy choice to partner with for your next project.

Nuspark designs and builds versatile, practical packaging and automation equipment for customers in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer goods and automotive markets. They convert complex engineering design into flexible, real world solutions. They specialize in cartoning, case packing, palletizing, tray forming and loading, and custom engineered solutions.

Right Stuff Equipment

Equipment manufacturer, engineering, and intergrator.

The Voyager Vertical Form Fill, and Seal is one of the few machines capable of producing Doy Style bags using the EZ Stand Technology. If it’s dry and goes in a bag, Right Stuff Equipment’s Voyager can handle it! Right Stuff Equipment bought A.E. Randles tray forming and brought the production to their Denver site in 2015. Right Stuff Equipment now manufactures the entire line of A.E. Randles tray formers and tooling sets. They have learned a lot over the years from installing hundreds of different pieces of equipment. Let their knowledge benefit your next intergration project.

Sigma CapSeal

20+ years of induction sealing technology expertise means if you have a bottle, no matter what size and shape they can seal it. They offer flat head, tunnel or a customized sealing head to seal your container. No matter what shape and size they can seal it at your line speeds.